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Nickel Ore Processing Project in New Caledonia

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia is the first in the world with about 25% of the world's nickel reserves. The mining, processing and export of nickel ore is one of the pillar industries of the local economy. The customer of this cooperation is the largest nickel ore supplier in the region. In order to increase the output and improve the efficiency, after careful consideration, he chose our equipment to expand the production capacity.

Processing material: nickel ore

Production capacity: 250T/H

Feed size: 0-500mm

Discharge size: 0-75mm, 75-150mm

Nickel Ore Processing Project in New Caledonia

Nickel Ore Processing Project in New Caledonia

Site Situation:

We configured the KE600-1 coarse crushing mobile station and KS1545-1D medium and fine crushing and screening mobile station for the customer. When the large stone material enters the silo, it enters PE600×900 jaw crusher for crushing through TSW0936 feeder, and then the crushed stone material is transported by belt conveyor to S5X1545-1 vibrating screen for screening, which screens out the finished material with particle size of 0-75mm and 75-150mm.

Customer Comments:

We have many years of rich experience in nickel ore production and processing. The main reason for purchasing Liming's equipment this time is to expand the production scale and seek higher economic returns. Our inspection team went to several famous mining crushing equipment manufacturers around the world and finally decided on your company after comparison and discussion. We are very satisfied with the high cost performance and flexibility of these two mobile plants.