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Home > News > How is the process flow of slag vertical grinding carried out? How is the processing process of the production line realized?

How is the process flow of slag vertical grinding carried out? How is the processing process of the production line realized?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-04-27

Nowadays, the most used slag fine powder production equipment vertical mill has the best response, so I will explain the process flow of slag vertical mill in detail and explain its components in the following.

Fine grain slag, also known as mineral powder, is a better active cementing material and is widely used in construction projects. Fine-grained slag with smelting slag as the main raw material, is the recycling of industrial solid waste, is an environmentally friendly renewable resources should be strongly advocated. At present, the processing of slag fine powder is mainly based on vertical mill. The process flow of vertical mill type slag fine powder plant is simple and covers a small area, the whole production line is more mature, with high output, high efficiency and less noise, compared with the traditional ordinary ball mill, the vertical mill has more significant advantages.

LM Vertical Grinding Mill

LM Vertical Grinding Mill

The production process of vertical mill type slag micronizer consists of several main steps:

1, drying: after the granular blast furnace slag is discharged, it is sent into the water to cool down, this slag is called water slag and has a certain moisture content, when the moisture content is greater than 15%, it needs to be pre-dried or naturally dried, when the moisture content is less than 15%, it can directly enter the crusher and only needs an additional hot air furnace;

2, grinding: slag with a moisture content of less than fifteen percent is sent to the vertical mill for grinding through the feeding device, the working principle of the vertical mill is very simple, that is, the raw materials are placed on the grinding plate, and then transported through the air to the grinding roller channel, forming a huge wheel, the wheel keeps turning, so as to achieve the grinding of raw materials;;

3、Grading: a grading machine is provided in the upper part of the mill, which sifts out the materials that have been ground directly to the grader with wind rolls, and the materials that do not meet the requirements fall to the grinding disc for re-crushing;

4、Dust removal: the qualified material is collected by pulse dust collector, and after it becomes finished product, the residual gas is discharged to the outdoor area with pulse dust removal and high dust removal efficiency;

5、Transportation: The ore powder is transported to the finished product storage tank through the conveying pipe, and then directly transported to the designated place by the storage tank truck.

This article introduces the process of vertical grinding slag micronized powder. The LM series vertical mill produced by our company is an ideal equipment for mass production of slag fine powder. You are welcome to visit us at any time to understand and leave a private message.

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