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The process of crushing and processing marble, marble crushing and sand making production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-19

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by high temperature and high pressure in the earth's crust, the main component is calcium carbonate, hard texture, no deformation, no magnetization, long life, and strong viewability, by carving or cutting, can be made into decorative items, but at the same time may produce some waste, now the mechanism sand market investment is very hot, so we can process these waste into stone, but what can be done by crushing marble into stone ? What equipment is needed for marble waste processing?

How to deal with marble waste?

Marble scrap refers to the marble in the process of mining and processing of the debris, edge remnants, marble material characteristics are rigid, wear-resistant, not easy to deformation, high hardness, as long as the proper treatment, to reach the reuse of resources, marble scrap is becoming a useful material. Marble is often used in the production of stone powder, stone rice, artificial stone, so the marble will be crushed and processed into mechanism sand stone no problem, after processing the marble waste, can be used in paint, construction, rubber, made of electric gate plate, electrical insulation materials, electric light switch, plastic and other industries filler, so the marble waste processed into stone after a variety of applications.

What equipment is needed to process marble waste into stone for making mechanism sand?

Marble sand making

Marble sand making

If you want to invest in marble waste sand making, the selection of equipment can not be sloppy, marble belongs to the medium hardness stone, convenient mining processing, the specific need to use which equipment, need to combine the specific situation to choose, but the general sand production line configuration needs jaw crusher,cone crusher,impact crusher and impact sand making machine and other equipment.

First use the jaw crusher for coarse crushing of marble waste, jaw crusher is a large feed size, deep crushing cavity crusher, for large stone crushing, easy; second break choose cone crusher, high crushing efficiency, low production costs, easy maintenance and adjustment, crushing out of the finished product granularity excellent; second break crushing finished product after the completion of the specifications into the sand making machine can not be equipped with impact Crusher, if the cone crusher crushing out of the finished product does not meet the specifications into the sand making machine, need to be equipped with impact crusher, impact crusher machine rigidity, rotor has a large rotational inertia, better grain shape of the finished product; Finally, the marble waste into the sand making machine for crushing and shaping, you can come out of the marble sand machine finished products. The sand making machine has two working principles of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron". The working efficiency is high, the shaping effect is good, and the finished sand has good grain shape and meets the construction standard.

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