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Xinjiang Hami Copper Ore Processing Project

Hami is famous for its Hami melon, but the city is much more than just a sweet fruit, it is the eastern gateway to Xinjiang, known as the "Gateway to Xinjiang". Hami is rich in mineral resources, with high grades and large reserves. The projected copper resources in the Tuya-Yandong copper ore belt exceed 10 million metal tonnes, with 14 copper ore production areas discovered and 650,000 metal tonnes of proven resources.

Processing material: copper ore
Production capacity: 200-250T/H
Discharge size: 0-15mm

Xinjiang Hami Copper Ore Processing Project

Xinjiang Hami Copper Ore Processing Project

Site Situation:
The copper ore is conveyed through the vibrating feeder to the PE750 x 1060 jaw crusher for initial crushing, the crushed material is fed into the HPT300C hydraulic cone crusher for medium crushing, then into two HPT300F hydraulic cone crushers for fine crushing, the crushed copper ore material finally goes into two YZS2160 vibrating screens to screen out the finished product with good granularity and qualified finished product.

Customer Comments:
We have high production requirements and only high performance equipment can guarantee high specification copper ore production. Among the many manufacturers in China, we finalised Dawn Heavy Industries, initially because of the good reputation - cost-effective equipment and perfect and considerate service, which is now true. This line is well-matched, with guaranteed output and quality, and it's great!