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Home > case > Grinding production line process > Desulfurization process > Liaoning Dalian Desulphurization Limestone Powder Preparation Project

Liaoning Dalian Desulphurization Limestone Powder Preparation Project

The client is an international enterprise with a full industrial chain of oil refining, petrochemicals, new polyester materials and textiles, and is ranked among the top 500 companies in the world. We provided the client with 8 sets of heavy-duty pulverising equipment: LM vertical roller mills and MTW European mills, all of which have won national patents and have been tested by the market for many years for their hard strength.

Equipment configuration: 4 sets of LM1700K vertical mills and 4 sets of MTW218G European mills
Processing material: limestone
Capacity: 240-280T/H and 80-100T/H
Feed size: ≤10mm
Discharge size: ≤1.2mm and ≥325 mesh

Liaoning Dalian Desulphurization Limestone Powder Preparation Project

Liaoning Dalian Desulphurization Limestone Powder Preparation Project

Site conditions:
Qualified limestone lump material is fed into the raw material hopper via a forklift, enters the belt conveyor at the bottom via a manual insert valve and is conveyed to the vertical mill via a hoist. The material falls from the inlet into the centre of the grinding disc. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves evenly from the centre to the edge of the grinding disc and is crushed by the grinding rollers when it passes through the grinding roller path area on the grinding disc. The ground material continues to move towards the edge of the grinding disc until it is carried away by the strong air flow at the wind ring, while the larger granular material falls back onto the grinding disc to continue grinding. When the material in the air flow passes through the upper analyser, the coarse particles return to the grinding disc under the action of the analyser, and the qualified fine powder is discharged from the mill with the air flow. The fine powder of qualified fineness goes out of the mill into the pulse dust collector and enters the bin pump for conveying through the lock wind valve between the bottom discharge ports. The iron and other debris mixed with the material moves with the material to the edge of the grinding disc, but cannot be blown up by the wind due to its own weight and falls down to the lower chamber of the mill and is discharged out of the machine through the slag discharge port.

Customer Comments:
We are very satisfied with the design, foundation, installation and commissioning of the mill. The capacity, quality and finished product specifications of the equipment all meet or exceed the requirements of use and are far superior to similar products we have used before. Not long ago, our group was praised by the Prime Minister, which is also a credit to Liming!