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Xinjiang Xinfa Alumina Powder Making Project General Contract

Ltd, which is known as "the second largest aluminum industry in China", belongs to Shandong Xinfa Group. This project adopts the form of EPC turnkey, Liming Heavy Industry independently completes the whole procedure from design, supply, construction, training to after-sales service.

Processing material: Alumina

Production capacity: 10-15T/H

Feed size: 20-30mm

Fineness of finished product: 150 mesh

Xinjiang Xinfa Alumina Powder Making Project General Contract

Xinjiang Xinfa Alumina Powder Making Project General Contract


Site situation:

The alumina pulverizing project of Xinfa Group is an EPC project turnkey project undertaken by Liming. We provide the pulverizing equipment and services from single unit to complete system, including project design, equipment supply, project construction, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service, quality walk and so on. The process flow of the whole production line is as follows: the alumina residue containing various substances with particle size of 20-30mm is crushed by the crusher and transported by the dump truck to the grinding site for storage in the raw material bin, when the volume of raw material reaches 60 square, it is then evenly sent by the feeder into the elevator into the buffer bin, and then transported by the belt conveyor to the MTW175 European version mill for grinding into 150 mesh alumina powder, which is collected by the The cyclone separator is distributed and collected, and the screw conveyor is sent to the material sealing pump, which is conveyed to the finished product bin via Roots fan and pulse dust collector.

Customer Comments:

Liming Heavy Industry has undertaken the turnkey of two sets of alumina powder making projects for our group. The first cooperation originated from our inspection and industry reputation, the second cooperation is because the first cooperation is very pleasant, stable equipment, environmental protection standards, good benefits, one-step EPC turnkey let us taste the sweetness, satisfied and satisfied!