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An activated carbon powder making project in Shanxi

Coal activated carbon is made of good quality coal as raw material, generally made of powdered raw material and binder through mixing and squeezing, then carbonization and activation, etc. It has good adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, easy to regenerate repeatedly, low cost, etc. It is used in toxic gas purification, waste gas treatment, industrial and domestic water purification treatment, solvent recovery, etc. High quality coal powder is the guarantee of producing good quality activated carbon.

Processing materials: lanthan charcoal, bituminous coal

Fineness of finished product: 325 mesh D85

An activated carbon powder making project in Shanxi

An activated carbon powder making project in Shanxi


Site situation:

The customer is a large domestic manufacturer of activated carbon, which will be used as adsorbent for desulfurization and denitrification in steel plants after powder processing. The configuration of the production line is: coal feeder + drying system + LM1900M vertical mill + explosion-proof pulse collector + fan + conveying equipment + finished product bin.

Customer evaluation:

During our research, we found that Liming Heavy Industry Mill has a high market share in the field of activated carbon processing and powder making, and has achieved breakthroughs in performance many times, so we finally decided to purchase LM1900M as the host equipment, and Liming Heavy Industry will design the whole production line for us. 2021 Liming Heavy Industry held the 10th Mill Quality Miles, and also took us as one of the key return projects.