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Fujian Longyan Slag Micro Powder Production Line

Slag micronized powder is the collective name of a series of industrial waste slag. Including slag, furnace slag, water slag, fly ash, etc.. In recent years, it is mainly used in cement blending and adding in commercial concrete, its use of different ways, in summary, mainly in three forms of use: admixture form, admixture form, the main form of admixture. Slag powder can replace the amount of cement in concrete and cement products for various purposes in equal amounts, which can significantly improve the overall performance of concrete and cement products, such as increasing strength, reducing water secretion, etc.

Processing materials: water slag; gypsum; cement fuel

Production capacity: 55-60T/H

Feed size: 5mm-1cm

Fineness of finished product: 400 specific surface area s95 grade

Equipment configuration: 1 LM35-3N vertical mill, 1 LM17-2N vertical mill

Fujian Longyan Slag Micro Powder Production Line

Fujian Longyan Slag Micro Powder Production Line


Site condition:

In the mill, the materials are crushed by the mutual crushing of the grinding rollers and grinding rings, and after screening by the powder separator, the qualified materials are conveyed to the cyclone collector of the mill by the wind blowing from the blower, and the finished products are output by the discharge valve, while the unqualified materials are reground after being knocked down by the powder separator. The customer manufactures slag micronized powder with an annual output of 400,000 tons and a large output demand. The equipment was put into operation in Fujian in 2020, with a reasonable site layout and stable operation, achieving intelligent and pollution-free production in line with the output required by the customer.

Customer evaluation:

Liming Heavy Industry has a good reputation in the industry, the master on site, whether in the foundation, commissioning or installation stage, has a very good attitude, explaining every point that needs attention very patiently and clearly, and the control strength is in place. Especially in this aspect of after-sales service, good at taking the initiative to ask customers about the production situation, careful and responsible. In addition, the whole site distribution is reasonable, functional, clean and tidy, very much in line with our requirements!