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What are the uses of mobile crushing plant after processing waste stone into stone powder

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-30

At present, China's waste stone material more, domestic stone mining and processing enterprises rarely pay attention to the comprehensive use of natural stone, which will cause a huge waste of stone resources. The effective use of waste stone material can be for the country's energy saving and environmental protection, reduce pollution, reduce costs and improve revenue for the bosses around, therefore, to carry out the stone waste "transformation" is imperative! Here to talk about how the waste stone material made of stone powder? What are the uses of the made stone powder?

What equipment is used to process waste stone? Mainly depends on the production conditions, most of the waste stone site area is large, widely distributed, not concentrated, of course, choose mobile crusher, there are so many advantages:

Mobile crusher is convenient to walk anywhere, without the trouble of transporting waste stone back and forth, reducing high transportation costs.

Integrated production, no manual operation, equipment is on-line operation, one equipment can be equipped with feeder, crusher, conveyor belt, vibrating screen at the same time.

PLC centralized control system, remote real-time monitoring of the production situation, voice prompts for failure.

Equipped with diesel generator to avoid sudden power failure or no power at the site.

Can be combined with multiple machines, the combination process is simple and convenient, effectively realize the integration of the unit, configuration diversity, wider and more flexible scope of application. Different configurations, different production needs, to meet your diversified needs. According to the different configuration methods can be divided into: jaw mobile crusher, impact mobile crusher, cone mobile crusher, mobile sand making machine, etc.

mobile stone crusher

mobile stone crusher

What are the waste stone materials? What are the uses of the made stone powder?

Waste stone contains construction waste, concrete blocks, stone slag, highway waste stone and other types, than before is certainly "abandoned like a shabby", but so the practice is not only a waste of material use, more pollution of the environment, in recent years, waste stone recycling more and more fire, become another major investment direction, so what role: 1:

1, the production of welding rod when adding stone powder. Can play a slagging role to prevent the melt pool and the arc into the oxygen and nitrogen.

2, filler and paint filler for chemical products, building decoration stucco, etc.

3, used in the living coal combustion aid and desulfurization agent, in the living coal with 5 ~ 10% of the marble powder, not only can save coal, and can help combustion, reduce sulfur dioxide gas escape, improve indoor and outdoor environment, save energy, improve economic efficiency.

4、It can be used for commercial concrete, foundation, waste stone slurry (mud) for the production of artificial sand, casting sand and waterproof materials, such as: linoleum debonding powder, etc., for steel casting, easy to release film, gradually smooth, etc.

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