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The difference between crushed stone chips and mechanism sand and gravel aggregate, how to process stone chips into mechanism sand

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-01

Sand and gravel material is actually not new to many people, as a common production raw material for construction and mining, the current demand is high. Stone chips, natural sand or mechanism sand are the main components of fine aggregates. Stone chips are similar to mechanism sand in appearance, but they are not mechanism sand and cannot be used as sand. First of all, let's get to know stone chips, see how it differs from mechanism sand, and what equipment is needed to make stone chips into mechanism sand?

What is the difference between stone chips and mechanism sand?

1、Difference in particle size

The mechanism sand is after reasonable crushing, sand making, screening and other processes, the finished product is more regular, and the grain shape is basically cubic.

Stone chips have not been targeted processing, roughness and surface morphology is more complex, stone chips, also known as stone end, the surface is rougher than sand, there are sharp edges

2、Different particle size

Mechanism sand is rock particles with particle size less than 4.75mm, which can be processed into sand with different rules and sizes according to different process requirements, and the size of mechanism sand conforms to the national construction sand standard, with uniform particle size, good particle shape and reasonable grading.

The particle size of stone chips is different, 2.36mm-4.75mm mixed together, the grading is very unreasonable: 2.36-4.75mm and 0.15mm stone powder content is high, while 0.3-1.18mm content is low, that is, the typical phenomenon of "more proportion at both ends, less content in the middle", and The content of clay in the stone powder below 0.15mm exceeds the standard, so it cannot be used as mechanism sand.

3、Different quality

The stone powder content and mud content of stone chips with particle size less than 0.16mm are high, and the surface is rougher than sand; the stone powder content and mud content of mechanism sand produced by reasonable process are in line with the standard of construction sand, and the compressive strength of stone is high.

The size of the mechanism sand should meet the national construction sand standard, with uniform particle size, good grain size and reasonable grading. Stone chips are similar to mechanism sand, but not mechanism sand, but after shaping/screening and fine powder separation, they can be processed into mechanism sand.

Mechanical Sand

Mechanical Sand

What equipment is needed to make rock chips into mechanical sand?

Stone chips need to go through a specific process can be used as mechanical sand, and stone chips in the same into mechanical sand before the production process requires feeding, crushing, sand making, screening, and other production processes, and the main equipment used to make stone into mechanical sand is sand making machine, not only sand making, but also the role of shaping. Here I recommend VSI6X sand making machine, this sand making machine is to absorb many years of research and development experience and technical concepts, using a new four-port impeller design structure and special sealing structure to prevent oil leakage from the bearing cylinder and other processes, with a number of national patented technology of new sand making and crushing equipment, with energy saving, long service life, wide range of applications, etc., to help large sand farms to gradually move towards large-scale, centralized production to meet the national requirements for environmental protection and production capacity.

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