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The difference between impact crusher and ordinary stone breaker, impact crusher features advantages

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-06

There are many users in the market are concerned about what is the difference between impact crushing stone and ordinary crushing stone? Is not both the sand and gravel materials crushed? In fact, there is still a difference between the two, impact crusher is mainly through the large material according to the different needs of different users processing crushing, ordinary stone crusher is a common traditional equipment, the output is less. What are the advantages of impact crushing stone crusher?

The difference between impact crushing stone and ordinary stone crushing

Impact crushing stone crushing method is mainly impact crushing, outstanding effect in impact crushing, the design of the discharge port is also convenient and adjustable, which is conducive to meet the different needs of users, the discharge is uniform and orderly, the finished product looks good, no need for multiple processing, save time and effort and save costs. In contrast, the production of ordinary stone crushing shear, extrusion and other ways, these processing is not as good as the effect of the percussion type, crushing the finished product is also relatively single, the size of the discharge is not uniform, but also easy to over-powder, the finished product rate is low.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

Scope of application and advantages:

Impact crusher is widely used in various ore crushing, railroad, highway, cement, chemical, energy, construction and other industries.

Impact crusher has good granularity, wide range of application and special structure. Users are concerned about the product particle size, the crushing method is to hit with the stone grain, the finished product is flawless, mostly into cubes, good selling. As secondary crushing equipment can also be used as primary or tertiary crushing equipment, multi-model, multi-series, used in a variety of ore crushing, etc.

Structural advantages:

The vertical structure of impact crusher not only covers a small area, but also is more resistant to pressure and wear, good operating efficiency, high output, the discharge opening is also convenient to adjust, the material size to meet a variety of production needs, for the benefit of users.

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