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What are the effects of excessive dust accumulation in the mill air duct?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-04-07

Ore milling needs to be completed with the aid of a mill, mill as a commonly used grinding equipment, distributed in the major areas of milling, return air pipe as a very important accessories in the mill, which may have a dust increase caused by the adverse effects of the situation will be what? The editor of Liming Heavy Industry will come to explain to you.

Grinding Mill Production Line

Grinding Mill Production Line

1、The most obvious effect of excessive dust accumulation in the air duct is the decrease in output, when the finished material enters the return air duct in the process of collection, it will lead to a reduction in the material collected by the powder collector, resulting in the grinding efficiency not meeting the expected requirements.

2, the output decreases at the same time affects the lower production efficiency, increased production costs, higher energy consumption, increased wear and tear of equipment, which will cause the manufacturers to reduce revenue, resulting in damaged interests.

3, will aggravate the environmental pollution, when the dust in the return air duct increases, it will affect the fan connected to it, the more dust, the more fans are needed, the impact of the fan structure, will lead to the fan out of the accumulation of large amounts of dust, affecting the surrounding environment.

4、When the dust affects the environment, the more dangerous point is that it affects the health of the production staff on site, and also affects the residents living in the area.

5, the return air pipe dust increase is an abnormal phenomenon, when encountering the problem of increased dust in the grinding production line, we must immediately pay attention to the shutdown check, must be eliminated after the fault before production can resume. When installing the equipment, be sure to install in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations and listen to the manufacturer's recommendations.

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