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The method of improving the quality of mechanism sand, the common equipment configuration of mechanism sand production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-11

Now the quality of the mechanism sand can already be comparable to natural sand, or even higher quality than natural sand, then the question arises, mechanism sand equipment processing mechanism sand must be better than natural sand, how to protect the quality of mechanism sand? Of course, to protect the quality of mechanism sand in addition to tips or need good mechanism sand equipment, this article will give you a recommendation mechanism sand processing equipment, and tell you to protect the quality of mechanism sand tips.

Mechanism sand quality is not high? Keep in mind a few points to easily improve the quality of mechanism sand

High-quality mechanism sand to meet the sand of different construction projects, how to produce high-quality mechanism sand? Mechanism sand pay attention to these 4 points of higher quality:

1, sand raw materials: not all materials can be used to produce mechanism sand, in the production of mechanism sand, the material has certain needs, such as granite, river pebbles, basalt and weathering materials construction sand and slag and other materials

2、Processing equipment of mechanism sand: the principle, structure, operation and loss of the equipment and many other factors are affecting the range of uses of the equipment, therefore, to choose the appropriate processing equipment

3, personnel factors: the professional skills of the operator is an important factor affecting the quality of sand and gravel, so to improve the professional skills of the relevant personnel.

4, processing technology: for the process characteristics, in different cases, choose the appropriate processing technology methods, such as: the northern cold, arid areas, more use of dry sand, while the wet sand is more suitable for the south, wet and water-rich areas

Mechanized sand production line

Mechanized sand production line

A complete mechanism sand production line can be divided into three parts: crushing, sand making and sand washing. The mechanism sand production line equipment involved are vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, belt conveyor, centralized electric control cabinet and so on.

Of course, the selection of these mechanism sand processing equipment is not set in stone. It can be equipped according to the different needs of different customers. For example, if customers want to deal with hard pebble materials, it is recommended to replace the impact crusher with cone crusher, which not only has guaranteed output, but also has longer equipment life and brings higher economic benefits to users!

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