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Home > News > What procedures are required for cave slag crushing and processing, processing cave slag production line equipment configuration

What procedures are required for cave slag crushing and processing, processing cave slag production line equipment configuration

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-13

In mountain road construction, high-speed railway and high-speed construction projects, digging tunnels, digging road foundations will inevitably produce a large number of cave slag, if directly discarded is too much of a pity, if the premise of feasibility, the use of tunnel cave slag for gravel processing, then you can effectively alleviate the project facing the lack of ground resources, high transport costs and natural ecological problems, so there is a cave slag processing gravel project. But some friends will worry about processing cave slag gravel is legal? If legal, what processing equipment will be used? This article will provide you with detailed answers.

Is it legal to process cave slag gravel?

Although the cave slag is not a traditional sense of ore resources, but to be processed into crushed stone for sale and application, it is also necessary to go through the relevant procedures, including business licenses, safety approvals, environmental change permits, etc., as long as the processing is completed when this series of procedures, you can achieve the legal processing of cave slag.

What specific procedures are required, there are different regulations around the world, please subject to the actual. One point to note: because the main application area of crushed stone is housing, roads and other construction projects, so it needs to meet certain quality standards, then the cave slag as raw materials, should also ensure its hardness, strength, etc..

gravel sand making production line

gravel sand making production line

What equipment is needed to process cave slag?

Under normal circumstances, cave slag processing crushing stone will use two stages of crushing process, namely to coarse crushing + medium and fine crushing; the required equipment is divided into jaw crusher + impact crusher, or jaw crusher + cone crusher according to the characteristics of different stone, for more information, please refer to the following.

C6X Jaw Crusher: The modern manufacturing process, symmetrical "V" shaped structure, integral cast steel bearing housing and heavy duty eccentric shaft give it stable reliability and make it a master in attacking hard and corrosive materials, which is worthy of the world's most popular jaw crusher.

CI5X Series Impact Crusher: The combination of heavy-duty rotor design, high wear-resistant materials and crushing cavity design not only improves production capacity and product quality, but also reduces production costs and consumption of wearing parts, which is ideal for coarse, medium and fine crushing of various soft and medium hard ores.

HPT Hydraulic Cone Crusher: The combination of crushing speed, crushing stroke and crushing cavity design not only improves the production capacity and product quality, but also expands the application range, which has excellent crushing performance in ore crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing operations.

The two-stage crushing process can process cave slag into 24, 13, 12, 51 and other specifications of construction gravel, if there is a demand for sand, you need a three-stage crushing process, in addition to coarse, medium and fine crushing and sand making, the equipment is now commonly used VSI5X series impact sand making machine, combining three crushing modes in one, with a number of independent patent property rights. The VSI5X series impact sand making machine is a combination of three crushing modes, with a number of independent patented property rights. It combines two crushing modes of stone hitting stone and stone hitting iron, with a double-pronged approach of full center feed and center feed accompanied by ring cascade feed to crush various ores and rocks of different hardnesses.

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