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If you want to produce putty powder, how to choose the environmental protection and high yield grinding machine equipment

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-19

Grinding mills are mostly used for processing non-metallic ores, which are loved by many investors in the market, what types of mills are there? What are the types of mills? Is the noise level of the mill high due to the strict environmental protection? If you want to process putty powder, how to configure the putty powder grinding production line is better? These are the issues that customers are more concerned about, so let's learn more about some of the problems with the mill!

What is the prospect of putty powder grinding? Putty powder is an essential building decoration material for renovation, and it is used for painting big white. It is very hot in the market, and has a fight with mechanism sand. If the real estate industry does not collapse, the putty powder industry will not run out of work and the prospects are very promising.

Grinding Mill Manufacturer

Grinding Mill Manufacturer

How to configure the powder production line for putty powder production? Putty powder as a powder definitely needs grinding machine equipment, but one grinding machine can not meet the requirements of grinding putty powder. If you want to grind putty powder you need to build a grinding production line, which requires multiple equipment for joint operation, the main equipment is grinding equipment and jaw crusher two kinds of equipment, and other auxiliary equipment, respectively, bucket elevator, analyzer, electromagnetic feeder, fan, etc. Generally the finer the putty powder is discharged, the finer the discharge, the better the flatness and fit of the wall, and the more beautiful the wall is painted. Therefore, if you want high quality putty powder, the selection of the mill is very critical. Generally, you can choose Raymond mill, or you can choose vertical mill instead of Raymond mill, because the fineness of the vertical mill is finer compared to Raymond mill.

Is there an environmentally friendly and efficient mill? The main difference is the mill. The Raymond mill is a universal mill, but the fineness of the finished product is not as high as that of the vertical mill, which is relatively expensive. In addition is the environmental protection issues, environmental protection is now more stringent, noise pollution will affect the progress of the project, so when selecting equipment, try to choose environmentally friendly equipment manufacturers, can reduce many problems to ensure the smooth operation of the project.

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