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The process flow of 500 tons per hour mobile granite crushing production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-21

Granite has uniform structure, high wear resistance and hardness, generally used as a good construction material in the field of high-grade building decoration, and with the continuous progress of technology, its use scale has been significantly enhanced, also applicable in chemical, engineering, industrial, mechanical and other fields. The granite mobile crushing production line with an output of 400-500 tons per hour is a popular choice for many sand and gravel plants, and its moderate output is more suitable for the purchase of small and medium-sized stone plants. So how to configure a set of 400-500 tons per hour granite mobile crushing production line?

How to configure 400-500 tons per hour granite mobile crushing production line?

The equipment configuration of granite mobile production line is actually similar to the traditional fixed production line, covering feeding, crushing, sand making, screening and other equipment, the difference is that the mobile production line can place the whole process on a fixed carriage so that it can move freely.

mobile crushing plant

mobile crushing plant

If the granite production site is small, you can choose a mobile crushing plant (one jaw crusher mobile crushing plant + one cone crushing and screening mobile crushing plant). The raw material first enters the jaw crusher for primary crushing through the vibrating feeder on the jaw crusher mobile crushing station, and the material after primary processing is transferred to the cone crushing and screening mobile crushing station through the belt conveyor, and the belt conveyor of the jaw crusher mobile crushing station first conveys the material to the vibrating screen for primary screening, and the larger material goes through the cone crusher for secondary crushing, and the crushed material is conveyed to the jaw crushing and screening mobile crushing station by the belt conveyor. The crushed material is transported to the belt conveyor of the mobile crushing plant, and then transported by the belt conveyor to the screening machine to screen out the finished material.

In terms of convenience, the mobile program is more flexible, free to move, small footprint, suitable for limited site sand and gravel plant; from the point of view of stability, or fixed program is better, if the site is larger, more fixed raw materials, generally choose fixed production line can be.


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