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How to choose sand making machine for river pebble sand making

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-26

We all know that river pebble sand making prospect is very good, but river pebble is a hard texture, and very wear-resistant stone, so do you know how the hard river pebble sand making? And what kind of sand making machine should be used to make sand with good effect?

So hard pebbles we should how to make sand?

River pebble sand making is generally divided into three stages, first we use jaw crusher first for extrusion crushing, after entering the cone crusher for laminated crushing, and then the sand making machine, sand making machine is generally used in three crushing, sand making machine selection is also very important.

Vertical shaft impact crusher is the sand making machine, which is an important equipment for sand making and shaping in the sand making production line. The "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron" models are mainly used for shaping and "stone hitting iron" is used for sand making.

River pebble sand making machine

River pebble sand making machine

What are the advantages of vertical shaft impact crusher for sand making?

High production and energy saving sand production line is the source of good quality sand and stone material, and sand making machine as the core equipment of crushing in the sand production line plays an irreplaceable role. Let us have a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the vertical shaft crusher:

1、Adopting the principle of stone hitting stone, wear-resisting, long service life and short maintenance time of equipment, which improves the use cycle of equipment and guarantees high output.

2、Good granularity and uniformity of the finished sand products can be widely used in many fields such as highways, high-speed railroads, hydropower dams, etc.

3、High output, quality assurance, using thin oil lubrication system to reduce friction and improve working efficiency.

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