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Processing technology of 200 mesh pulverized coal activated carbon and milling device for 200 mesh pulverized coal

fxy/ Release time : 2023-04-27

Activated carbon is widely used in all aspects of environmental protection, such as sewage treatment, wastewater purification, flue gas purification and so on. In the north of China, 200 mesh coal is the main raw material for the extraction of activated carbon, what is its production process and what are the 200 mesh pulverized coal grinding equipment?

Pulverized Coal

Pulverized Coal

In terms of appearance, coal activated carbon can be divided into three types: cylindrical, granular and powder type. The manufacturing process is pretty much the same for different products. The manufacturing process of 200-purpose coal activated carbon is introduced as follows.

The first thing is the material. The natural source of coal-based activated carbon is coal, but the quality of coal produced in different regions varies greatly, and the current production of activated carbon is mostly from Shanxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other regions.

The second step in the preparation process of 200 mesh coal activated carbon is the carbonization and activation process. This step is a crucial one. Carbonization, as the name implies, is a kind of heat treatment, usually using a fluidized furnace, rotary furnace, or vertical carbonization furnace. Activation is divided into physical activation and chemical activation, and the first type of activation is usually used. That is, water vapor, flue gas, carbon dioxide, air, etc. are used as activation gases, which are in contact with the carbonized material at between 800-1000°C to make contact with the carbonized material, thus achieving activation. The main production equipment is Slep furnace, Skeeter furnace, rake furnace, reflow furnace, etc.

The last process in the preparation of 200 mesh coal-based activated carbon is the finished product processing process. The 200 mesh coal-based activated carbon is a kind of powdered activated carbon, and the commonly used equipment are crusher and mill. 200 mesh coal powder mill equipment is of great significance to the production of activated carbon. The MTW intelligent European version mill is recommended here, which is an upgraded version of Raymond mill with 30% higher output, smooth operation, negative pressure system, less dust and higher safety.

In addition, for some specific uses of activated carbon, an additional cleaning process is required, such as acid washing, alkaline washing, water washing, etc. There are also some special specifications of activated carbon, such as briquetted activated carbon and columnar activated carbon, which need to be pretreated by crushing the raw coal and then kneading and extruding it into shape before carbonization and activation.

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