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The causes of uneven discharge of cone crusher and solution measures

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-10

The cone crusher is a high performance crusher designed by absorbing modern technology and combining the performance of Chinese metal materials. Generally, the structure of fixed main shaft and rotating eccentric sleeve around the main shaft is adopted, which can bear greater crushing power. The reasonable eccentric distance, cavity shape and motion parameters cooperate with each other, which greatly improve the production capacity and working efficiency. But if the equipment has problems, uneven discharge may occur, which will not only reduce the production efficiency of cone crusher, but also affect the grain shape of the product. So why this problem occurs? How to solve it?

Causes of uneven discharge of cone crusher:

1、Incoming material does not meet the requirements

a. The material size is too large and too hard. When there is too large or hard material in the crushing cavity, it will cause the material size of the crushing cavity of the cone crusher to be deviated seriously, and the input material cannot be crushed completely, thus causing uneven discharge.

b. The material contains too much water. When the material containing too much water enters the crushing chamber of the cone crusher, it will stick together and cause the material in the crushing chamber to be blocked, which reduces the crushing capacity of the equipment to the material, thus causing the uneven discharge phenomenon.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher

2、Incorrect feeding

a. Too much material is fed into the crushing chamber. When too much material is put into the crushing cavity, it is easy to block the material in the crushing cavity and occupy part of the space in the crushing cavity, so that the material crushing space is reduced and the size of the crushed material may be uneven.

b. Uneven feeding. Uneven feeding distribution along the crushing cavity of the cone crusher will cause uneven force on one side of the equipment, which will affect the crushing effect of the equipment on the material, thus causing uneven crushing of the material.

3、Incorrect parameters

a. Improper size of discharge opening. When the cone crusher discharge opening is not the right size, it will easily cause the material that has been crushed to be discharged in time, causing the blockage of the material, affecting the crushing of the material, intensifying the blockage of the material and causing the uneven crushing of the material.

b. The voltage is too low. When the working voltage of the crushing site is too low, it cannot provide the normal crushing conditions for cone crusher, and the crushing power is insufficient to cause the uneven size of the crushed products.

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