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What are the types of quartz sand making machines and the advantages of different models of sand making machines

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-15

Quartz stone, as a common raw material for sand making, is widely distributed in most provinces of China and has abundant resources. Choosing quartz stone as the raw material is convenient to use. Moreover,quartz sand is widely used in many fields and has no shortage of sales. So the prospect of quartz stone making sand is good, and you can have a deeper understanding.

As a high-quality sand making ore, quartz sand is a good raw material for machine-made sand, which has the characteristics of scratch free, burning free, durable, non-toxic, radiation free and pollution-free. Quartz sand is widely used in roads, railways, buildings, airport runways, water conservancy and hydropower and other fields. It is also widely used in the construction industry. In the next few years, the quartz stone market will still maintain a good growth momentum. However, the processing of quartz sand from quartz stone needs to be broken by machines, so it needs to be equipped with a sand machine.

What sand making machine is used for quartz stone sand making? Quartz stone is hard, wear-resistant, and chemically stable. We generally have three types of sand making machines to choose from, VSI sand making machine, VSI5X sand making machine, or VSI6X vertical axis impact crusher. These three types of sand making machines can crush quartz stone, but these three machines also have their own advantages.

Quartz stone sand making machine

Quartz stone sand making machine

VSI sand making machine is a commonly used product with high cost-effectiveness, which can process high hardness materials well. Vulnerable parts are also very durable. The entire machine adopts the working principle of stone and iron, with high efficiency and certain shaping effects. However, compared to the VSI5X sand making machine, the shaping effect is relatively poor, and users who do not have high requirements for the particle size of the finished product can choose this equipment.

The VSI5X sand making machine is an upgraded version of the VSI sand making machine, which has the advantages of the VSI sand making machine. At the same time, the finished grain size is better than the VSI sand making machine, and the output is also larger than the VSI sand making machine, with lower wear rate. However, in terms of price, it is also more expensive than the VSI sand making machine. Users who have requirements for the finished grain size and high output can choose this machine.

The VSI6X vertical axis impact crusher has a new type of sand making and crushing equipment with multiple national patent technologies, which extends its service life, has a wide range of applications, and has a large output. This equipment is mainly designed and improved to meet the increasing demand for large-scale, intensive, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly high-quality machine made sand in the sand and gravel market. So this device is very suitable for use in large sand fields.

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