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What is the capacity of 1145 model sand making machine, how much is a 1145 sand making machine

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-24

Liming Heavy Industry 5X series centrifugal impact crusher is also known as the whole sand making machine, and 1145 sand making machine is one of the common models of 5X sand making machine, we have heard that 1145 sand making machine has high output, so 1145 sand making machine output in the end how much is it, how much is this stone stone sand making equipment? Here is a detailed understanding.

How about 1145 sand making machine output?

1145 sand making machine also belongs to the shaping sand making machine, because it has "stone hit stone" "stone hit iron" two kinds of crushing cavity, can crush stone and stone shaping, two different crushing cavity output is also different:

Cascade and center feed are "stone hitting stone" type crushing cavity: 500-640 tons per hour. The material enters through the feed hopper, lands on the dividing plate through the bulk pile or bulk plate, and is divided into two parts by the dividing plate, part of which enters the high speed rotating dumping wheel from the middle of the dividing plate, is rapidly accelerated in the dumping wheel, and then is ejected from the dumping wheel at high speed.

The full center feed belongs to the "stone to iron" type crushing chamber: 250-360 tons per hour. The bulk pile or bulk tray is unloaded or completely opened, and all materials fall directly from the inlet into the dividing tray and enter the dump wheel directly through the middle of the tray.

Sand making machine

Sand making machine

1145 How much is a stone gravel sand making plant?

1145 How much is the sand making machine? The price on the market is not fixed, the price is affected by a variety of factors such as model, quality, region, manufacturer, etc. Some manufacturers attract users with low prices, disturbing everyone's sight. Different manufacturers choose different materials, workmanship standards, and product services are not exactly the same. This will lead to different prices of sand making machine, so users choose equipment to go to the factory site visits or necessary, Liming Heavy Industry Address: No. 169, Science Avenue, Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Henan.

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