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How is the working principle of 300 mesh red mud grinding equipment realized?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-05-29

Red mud is an industrial waste residue produced during the smelting process of bauxite ore, named because it is rich in iron oxides and resembles red clay in appearance. Due to the influence of factors such as ore grade, production process and process conditions, the production of one ton of alumina needs to produce about 1.0-1.8 tons of red mud. The composition, properties and other characteristics of red mud determine the way of its resourceization and the scope of its application. Using the specially designed grinding line, the red mud can be regenerated in several industries, and its economic, social and environmental benefits are remarkable. Its main uses are:

(1) Production of cement

(2)Preparation of new functional materials

(3)Producing silica-calcium compound fertilizer

(4)Preparation of environmental remediation materials

The working principle of red mud mill equipment:

The equipment is composed of main machine, classifier, blower, cyclone collector, conveying system, storage hopper, dust collector, electrical control cabinet, etc. The mainframe is mainly composed of frame, air inlet worm, shovel, grinding roll, grinding ring, cover and motor. There are jaw crusher and dustpan elevator attached for users to use in reference. The raw material is fed evenly into the first warehouse through the feeding device, by feeding hollow shaft, in a spiral way. The warehouse has stepped liner, which is filled with steel balls of various sizes, and when the cylinder rotates, it generates a kind of centrifugal force, which brings the balls to a certain height and then drops down, so that it will deal a heavy blow to the raw material and crush it. After the coarse grinding of the raw material in the first bin, it then passes through a layer of compartments and enters the second bin, in which a flat liner is set up with steel balls of the ball mill to crush the raw material for the second time. The powder passes through the discharge baffle of the red mud mill.

Red mud grinding production line display diagram

Red mud grinding production line display diagram

The equipment performance advantages of red mud mill:

1、By balancing the pressurized spring, the grinding roller assembly is linked together through the tie rod and the horizontally placed spring, and the radial force it generates avoids the loss of the spindle and bearings after the large pieces of materials enter the grinding chamber, which improves the service life of the equipment.

2、The main machine and powder selector adopt soft linkage, and the damping spring and sealing belt not only reduce the vibration and noise of the equipment, but also avoid the resonance between the main machine and powder selector.

3、The powder selector adopts high-density and high-precision impeller device, high efficiency of powder selection, fineness of finished product can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the needs of users for different purposes, one machine for multiple uses.

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