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The use of sand washing machine on sand and gravel production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-31

In recent years, the hot market of mechanism sand, a variety of mechanism sand finished products, but the production of high quality mechanism sand, without the last process of mechanism sand - sand washing, sand washing can not be separated from the sand washing machine, there are various quality sand washing machine on the market, but the type is only two, wheel sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine, today's article mainly to understand the advantages of wheel sand washing machine in the sand field and the application.

Sand washing machine as the last production process of mechanism sand, is the key step of the finished product of mechanism sand good or bad, determine the amount of mud in the finished sand. The wheel sand washing machine can wash the trace mixed sand, impurities and stone powder produced in the sand making process, and improve the quality of sand. There are three types of wheel sand washer, which are divided into single wheel bucket sand washer, double wheel bucket sand washer and three wheel bucket sand washer.

Sand washing machine

Sand washing machine

When this kind of sand washing machine works, it is the motor that drives the impeller to rotate slowly through the triangle belt, reducer and gear deceleration, and the sand and gravel enter the washing tank together by the feeding trough, roll under the impeller and grind each other to remove the covered impurities. Mutual grinding process of stone surface impurities destroy the sand covered with water vapor layer, promote dehydration, while adding water to form a strong water flow, timely take away small specific gravity impurities and foreign matter, and from the overflow mouth washing tank discharge, to achieve clean effect. The blade takes away the clean sand and gravel, and the sand is poured into the discharge tank from the rotating impeller to complete the cleaning of sand and gravel. This is the whole working process of wheel sand washer.

The advantage of wheel sand washer is that the sand washing process uses less water, and the loss of fine sand and stone powder is small, the washed construction sand grade and fineness modulus can reach the standard requirements, and this, the spiral sand washer is not as good as the wheel sand washer. The overall structure of wheel sand washer is simple, easy to maintain, and the bearing device is separated from water and materials, which reduces the probability of sand washer failure, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving. It is generally used in small and medium-sized sand production line, and the output can reach 120 tons per hour. The price is cheaper compared to the spiral sand washer, and if the output of the sand washing plant is high, multiple sand washers can be configured to work. Wheel sand washing machine as in many sand washing machine is a more widely used sand washing machine, in China's hydropower station, sand mold casting sand, construction sites, concrete dam site of post and telecommunications pole plant, sand and gravel factory, glass factory quartz sand and other places have been widely used.

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