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Production line configuration of tailings sand making

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-02

Abandoned mines turned into parks! Abandoned mines into terraces! Abandoned tailings into sand and gravel aggregates! Tailings ponds are not "useless" garbage, but rather a "treasure" to be tapped. So, can slag replace sand? What are the configuration options of tailings sand production line? How much is the mine tailings sand making machine?

Can tailings sand replace sand?

After processing through crushing and sand making process, tailings sand can replace sand, particle size 0.25-0.5mm, needle-like particle content ≤ 8-25%, mud content 0.5-2.0%, water absorption ≤ 1.0-2.5%, etc. in line with the national standards for construction sand, although tailings occupy a lot of land, huge investment in stockpiling, causing water, soil, air and other pollution, but also has certain safety risks, but also contains more than a dozen beneficial components, not only can ease the market supply of sand tension, but also can enhance the utilization rate of resources and reduce environmental pollution.

iron ore sand making: mainly used in aircraft, elevators, shipbuilding, railroad locomotives, automobiles, aerospace instruments, machinery, special steel and so on.

Coal gangue tailings: mainly used to produce gangue cement, lightweight aggregate for concrete, refractory bricks and other construction materials, in addition to recycling coal, making crystalline aluminum chloride, water glass and other chemical products as well as extracting precious and rare metals.

granite tailings: fine sand can be polished or carved, as decorative plates or artwork; medium grain size is commonly used in the construction of bridge piers, bridge arches, harbors, le foot, etc.; coarse grain is an excellent aggregate for concrete, because it contains acid resistance, but also do chemical and metallurgical production of acid-resistant lining and containers.

Tailings sand making

Tailings sand making

What are the configuration options of tailings sand production line?

Program I:

Equipment configuration: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine + sand washing machine + circular vibrating screen + belt conveyor

Configuration features: large crushing ratio, better finished grain size, high output, long service life of the equipment, and relatively low maintenance cost in the later stage.

Program two:

Main equipment configuration: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine + sand washing machine + circular vibrating screen + belt conveyor

Configuration features: good granularity, simple operation process, suitable for crushing softer materials, low investment cost in the early stage and high maintenance cost in the later stage.

Program Three:

Equipment configuration: mobile crusher + mobile sand making machine.

Configuration features: mobile and flexible, free transfer, can directly enter the raw material site for crushing and sand making operation, no need to install, one person can remotely control the operation, strong adaptability, green environmental protection.

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