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What are the classifications of lithium ores? What are the differences between them?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-14

The content of lithium in the earth's crust is about 0.0065%, and there are more than 150 known lithium-bearing minerals, mainly in the form of lithium pyroxene, lithium mica, perovskite feldspar, phosphorite and so on. I mainly introduce you to the two most common: lithium pyroxene and lithium mica.

Lithium pyroxene belongs to a more common type of lithium ore, its color is off-white, smoky gray, gray-green, emerald green lithium pyroxene is called emerald green lithium pyroxene, is due to the composition of Cr, the composition of the composition of Mn is purple, purple lithium pyroxene; glass luster, the solution surface slightly pearl luster; angle 87 °; hardness 6.5 ~ 7; relative density 3.03 ~ 3.23g/cm3. lithium pyroxene chemical composition is more Stable chemical composition, chemical formula is LiAl[Si2O6], theoretical lithium content of 3.75% (lithium oxide 8.04%).

Process flow chart of lithium ore crushing

Process flow chart of lithium ore crushing

Lithium mica is an important mineral for lithium extraction. It is a basal aluminosilicate of potassium and lithium, and is one of the mica minerals. Lithium mica is generally only produced in granite pegmatites, purple and pink and can be light to colorless, with a pearly luster, in short columns, small thin aggregates or large plate-like crystals. The composition is KLi1.5Al1.5[AlSi3O10](F,OH)2, containing LiO2 of 1.23~5.90%.

Lithium in lithium batteries mainly comes from lithium pyroxene and lithium mica, but lithium pyroxene usually has a high lithium content and the cost of extracting lithium metal is lower; lithium mica usually has a lower lithium content and the cost of extracting lithium metal is a little higher, but with the improvement of lithium extraction technology and research and development, the cost of lithium extraction is constantly reduced and the recovery rate is gradually increased.

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