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Can highway construction use artificial mechanism sand and gravel aggregate

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-27

What mechanism sand need to use to build highway? Stone and sand have always been the basic raw materials for the construction of highways, with the rapid development of highway construction in recent years, the need to use more sand and gravel materials, natural sand can not meet the demand, can only choose some fine mechanism sand, that specific processing mechanism sand are used which kind of stone? Processing these stones need to use which crushing equipment?

First of all, let's first understand the construction of highways are generally used which stone raw materials, generally highway construction need to use basalt, gneiss, dolomite, limestone, quartzite,granite and other materials.

Why does the construction of highways need so many materials?

Because the highway project has different technical requirements for various rocks with different composition structures, and at the same time the state has clear requirements for highway mechanism sand, according to the standard requirements for construction sand, the fineness modulus, apparent density, particle gradation, bulk density and mud content, water content and other indicators of highway sand, of which, the aggregate with particle size greater than 4.75mm is coarse aggregate, ordinary concrete commonly used The aggregates commonly used in ordinary concrete are crushed stone and pebbles. Like basalt, granite, faience and other hard materials are commonly used in highway aggregate. Therefore, we still have high requirements for the mechanism sand in the construction of highway.

sand making production line

sand making production line

What crushing equipment is needed to process these rocks for highway construction?

Construction of highways, we need to use the mechanism sand, so we we need to build a sand production line, a sand production line consists of jaw crusher, cone crusher or impact crusher, sand making machine and sand washing machine, a total of three crushing stages, including coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing and sand making three stages, suitable for a variety of sand and gravel crushing sand making, but because the highway construction used mechanism The sand is different, so the choice of equipment model should be made, and there is a difference between high hardness and low hardness stones when choosing the same kind of machine. So you want to choose the right crushing equipment or try to consult the relevant manufacturers.

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