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Want to crush and dispose of construction waste how to choose the heart-saving equipment

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-28

Construction waste is a recyclable resource. After crushing and screening, it can be transformed into gravel aggregate again and can also be used for other purposes. In the process of urban development, old city renovation and road expansion are rapidly advancing, and construction waste has also caused damage to the surrounding environment. Therefore, the reprocessing of construction waste is a better choice to help protect the environment. So, what is the one-stop solution for construction waste? Which kind of crusher to use? What follows is a simple analysis.

What is the one-stop solution for construction waste?

The treatment of construction waste should be considered from two aspects: one is to reduce its emission and the other is to reduce the transportation cost. The treatment method of construction waste should be adopted according to different types of waste. If it is light brick waste, it can be crushed and recycled, and then used to make light bricks. If it is sand and stone, it can be screened out and reused for mixing mortar.

construction waste crushing project

construction waste crushing project

What is the best crusher for construction waste?

Jaw crushers, cone crushers and mobile crushers can be used to process construction waste. More appropriately, the right mobile crusher is more appropriate. The mobile crusher is usually recommended because of its high mobility and processing capacity. Compared with other crushing equipment, it has a strong processing capacity per unit time and a wider range of applications. In addition, it can be matched with the above-mentioned crushing mainframe at will according to the different needs of users, and has more freedom. In addition, the mobile crusher can go to the demolition site without renting the site. It has long-term production and cost efficiency.

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