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How to choose a good performance sand making machine equipment

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-29

Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, river sand can no longer meet the development of infrastructure. The emergence of mechanism sand has alleviated this dilemma. Natural gravel resources are depleted, ecological protection requirements have increased, and the demand for construction projects continues to grow. So, what are the advantages of mechanism sand? How to buy sand making machine?

What are the advantages of mechanism sand?

Mechanism sand is the sand and gravel material obtained by crushing sand making equipment after crushing. Compared with natural river sand, mechanism sand has the characteristics of sharp edge, sharp edge, needle and flake more. The mechanism sand is generally artificially selected raw material, the material is uniform and stable, the mineral and chemical composition is consistent with the raw material, not as complicated as natural sand.mechanism sand fineness modulus can be manually determined by the production process control, with adhesion and compression resistance, longer service life.

Sand making machine

Sand making machine

How to buy sand making machine?

Sand making machine equipment selection with environmental protection, the design should be reasonable, the quality of the equipment also have to look at there is also the choice of manufacturers and after-sales service. The choice of equipment, with the increase of sand making machine manufacturers, how to choose the right equipment for your needs in many equipment? Determine whether the raw material for sand making is pebbles, bluestone or limestone,construction waste and other stones. The inlet of sand making machine is generally less than 5cm. when our raw stone is larger than this size, it should be equipped with corresponding crushing equipment in front and equipped with multi-stage crushing according to the actual size. We should understand the working principle of sand making machine, the common ones are full center feed (stone hitting stone) and waterfall center feed (stone hitting iron). The former is mainly used for molding to ensure the shape of the finished particles, and the latter is mainly used for sand making to ensure the production capacity. At present, many sand making machines in the market combine the two principles of "stone beating" and "iron beating" to ensure both the production capacity and the shape of the finished particles.

Manufacturer selection, I suggest that when choosing a manufacturer, the quality of equipment and other aspects to have greater assurance. You can go to the manufacturer to conduct on-site surveys, material testing machines, etc., visit the local site to see how customers who have used the production equipment are evaluated, and consider choosing a manufacturer in terms of after-sales service, etc. Inevitably, there will be some minor problems in the later operation and maintenance of the equipment. Our manufacturer has over 30 years of experience. It is a service-first direct sales manufacturer that can solve customer problems and ensure normal operation of the equipment in a timely manner.

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