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Introduction to the working principle of impact crusher and equipment price

zkj/ Release time : 2023-07-05

Impact crusher, also known as impact crusher, is a crushing equipment that uses impact force to crush materials. In short, it is the principle of stone hitting stone. In the natural falling process, the stone is allowed to collide with the stone accelerated by the impeller, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing. This equipment has the advantages of high technology, high output and low energy consumption. So, what is the crushing principle of impact crusher? Is the price expensive?

What is the crushing principle of impact crusher?

impact crusher crushing principle is a crushing machine that uses impact force to crush materials. When the impact crusher is driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, and the material enters the hammer zone, it is crushed by the impact of the hammer on the rotor, then it is thrown to the impact device and crushed again, and then it bounces back to the hammer zone from the impact liner, and this process is repeated. The material is crushed to the required size and discharged from the discharge port.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

Is the price of impact crusher expensive?

Impact Crusher is widely used in various ore crushing, railroad, highway, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries. Its discharge size is adjustable and the crushing specifications are various. The impact of different models on the price of impact crusher will vary. If the output is not high and small, it only requires an investment of tens of thousands of dollars. If it is a large plant, it requires millions of dollars. Therefore, find a trustworthy direct sales manufacturer to buy from. For a specific quote, please contact our online customer service or visit our company. We will design a reasonable matching production line for you.

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