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How can we realize the low energy consumption and high efficiency of the mill?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-07-06

Low energy consumption, high efficiency, high yield is what every manufacturer aspires to, in the process of grinding equipment operation to continuously improve grinding technology, the improvement of mineral processing index has extraordinary significance, but then accompanied by mechanical wear and tear, so now the two main problems faced is to improve grinding technology, reduce the degree of wear. So for these two problems there is no solution? I take you to understand.

For the above problems, I put forward three common solutions:

5X series European version of intelligent grinding mill

5X series European version of intelligent grinding mill

1, according to the hardness of the processed material to choose the appropriate machinery and equipment

Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the material, the greater the grinding difficulty, the degree of wear and tear for the mill will be about high. This qualitative factor determines the requirements for the configuration of the mill, can be under the condition that the material size requirements are the same, through the spiral sand washer to the same shape of the material for proportioning, concentrated transport to the crushing cavity for grinding production before the preparation work, because direct grinding will lead to poor grinding effect, pulling down the efficiency.

2、Choose the right type of grinding mill

Because different materials grinding size is different, to consider the nature of the material requirements, according to the requirements of the grinding size to choose the right mechanical equipment, but also need to consider the feed size, finished product size, center shaft speed, grinding rollers and grinding ring size and other factors, to choose the right mill around the model, so as to achieve high efficiency powder, to ensure the quality of the material.

3, to ensure that the feeding speed is uniform

In the feeding time to ensure uniform and continuous feeding, you can achieve automatic production of the mill through continuous feeding to achieve a high level of efficiency and meet the requirements of production.

Only reasonable with the mill equipment, all factors are taken into account to maximize profits, for more details, please consult online customer service, at any time to solve your doubts.

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