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What is the capacity of different types of stone crushers and which one has high capacity

zkj/ Release time : 2023-07-07

There are more machines and equipment for crushing stones, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and mobile crusher. According to the different stone hardness can choose the corresponding crushing equipment. So what crusher is used to break the stone? What is the output per hour? The next brief analysis.

What kind of crusher is used to break the stone? What is the output per hour?

Jaw crusher is generally suitable for large stone crushing. The feed opening and feed size of this equipment is ≤1200mm; through the extrusion and bite of the static and dynamic jaws, it is convenient for large stones to enter the deep cavity of crushing smoothly, so that the materials are completely crushed. It is suitable for primary crushing of various materials, and the output can reach between 1-1000 tons.

Impact Crusher For stone crushing medium hardness stone processing, you can choose the impact crusher. After this equipment is used in coarse crusher, the finished product size after processing is mostly cubic. The wearing parts can reduce the failure rate of processing low hardness stone, which is the reason for impact crushing for medium hardness stone crushing, the output can be between 30-800 tons.

Single cylinder cone crushing is one of the types of cone crushers. If your stone hardness is good, it is more suitable to choose single cylinder cone crushing processing. The machine crushes the material by squeezing it through the principle of laminated crushing. The fine grain material is more. High hardness stone crusher with small failure rate and automatic stopping is a good choice.

Mobile crusher is a new type of stone breaking machine in recent years. This equipment integrated body design, integrated feeding, crushing, screening and conveying. It is driven by tires or tracks, which is equivalent to a walkable stone crushing production line. It can be moved and transferred flexibly. It can be equipped with jaw crusher, impact crushing and other equipment to complete different size of finished products; it is loved and supported by users.

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