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How to deal with the waste residue of infrastructure projects, mobile crushing plant processing residue performance advantages

zkj/ Release time : 2023-07-12

With the accelerated process of urbanization and urban construction in full swing, urban construction in full swing, large-scale demolition, construction and subway projects produce a sharp rise in the amount of soil, in all corners of the city, we see a lot of demolition left behind by the construction of soil and construction debris, which is mixed with sand and gravel, concrete, reinforcing steel construction debris piled up everywhere, the city is faced with a large number of residue need to be stowed in the field of the problem. The city is faced with the problem of needing a large number of slag dumps. But the storage field of environmental protection requirements are relatively high, storage of these residual soil will occupy a lot of land and pollute the surrounding environment, so the residual soil recycled aggregates, solves these problems, and as a direction of investment, profits can be considerable. What are the methods of slag treatment? What are the equipment to deal with the slag soil? Here we come to understand mobile crushing plant to help slag soil reuse.

Construction slag, the composition content is complex and diverse, if the old single efficacy of the crushing equipment is not able to realize the slag regeneration aggregate, so a new generation of mobile crushing plant launched, very consistent with the characteristics of the slag, suitable for the processing of slag, out of regenerative aggregates.

mobile crushing plant

mobile crushing plant

In function: mobile crushing plant multi-functional, higher crushing efficiency; mobile crushing plant is a joint crushing machinery combined by a variety of equipment, it has a variety of functions, including feeding, crushing, screening, conveying, etc., can complete the processing of a variety of materials.

In the installation: mobile crushing plant one-piece, space-saving; mobile crusher adopts one-piece vehicle assembly, different from the fixed crushing plant, eliminating a lot of infrastructure configurations, this grouping makes the space layout of the equipment more compact, and greatly improves the flexibility of the equipment site stationed. And it reduces the consumption of materials and labor hours.

In use: mobile crushing plant vehicle mounted, higher flexibility; due to the mobility of the mobile crusher, with the material stacked at different locations and mobile operations, and according to customer requirements, material types, product requirements, etc. to provide a more flexible process configuration, the use of different equipment assembled to meet the different production needs of different customers.

In summary, a new generation of mobile crushing plant in terms of processing capacity and installation and use have outstanding advantages, is a better choice of crushing equipment for the regeneration of slag, if you need a regeneration of slag equipment, please contact us, we will be based on your output, budget, and configure the production program for you.

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