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Which equipment is used for barite grinding? How does the process work?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-07-14

Barite powder is made from natural barite after crushing, grinding, washing, drying and air-selecting, its main component is barium sulfate (≥90%), moisture ≤1.5%, white or off-white powder, with glass luster, odorless and non-toxic. It can be widely used in coating, powder coating, enamel, paper, rubber, drilling weighting agent and other industries.

Barite grinding can choose LM Vertical Roller Mill, LM Vertical Roller Mill adopts the mature vertical mill technology, and foreign successful experience combined with the development of an energy-saving mill equipment. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and conveying, and it can not only be used for grinding raw material and clinker, but also can be used as a pre-milling equipment to make the subsequent mills increase production and energy saving significantly. It reduces energy consumption by grinding materials directly by grinding rollers on the milling disk; hot air directly contacts materials in the mill, with strong drying capacity, saving a dryer; the use of grinding roller sleeve avoids direct contact between grinding rollers and the milling disk, which reduces wear and tear; the grinding roller sleeve can be used in the opposite direction, which extends the service life by two times. The whole machine works under sealed and negative pressure without dust spillage; it has a limiting device to avoid destructive impact and vibration noise; the transmission system adopts planetary gear reducer with low noise.

LM Vertical Roller Mill

LM Vertical Roller Mill

When working, the main motor through the reducer to drive the mill rotating, while the hot air from the inlet into the vertical mill body, the material from the mouth of the lower material falls in the middle of the mill, under the action of centrifugal force, the material from the middle of the mill to the edge of the uniform movement, through the mill on the mill rollers area, by the grinding roller milling, the large material is crushed directly, the fine material is crushed by the extrusion of the formation of the material bed for the inter-granular crushing. The crushed material continues to move to the edge of the mill until it is taken away by the strong airflow at the wind ring, and the larger particles fall back to the mill to continue crushing, the material in the airflow through the upper part of the separator, under the action of the rotor blade, the coarse particles are back to the mill for grinding, and the qualified fines come out of the mill with the airflow, and are collected by the collector of the system, and the collected powders are the products milled by the vertical mill. Mixed into the material, iron and other debris with the material movement to the edge of the grinding disk, due to their own weight and can not be blown up by the wind, fell to the mill cavity by the installation of the bottom of the grinding disk scraping plate scraped into the slag discharge port out of the machine.

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