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What factors affect the price of mill for limestone? Are there any manufacturers worth recommending?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-08-01

In the production and processing of limestone, it is very important to choose the appropriate mill, to take into account the quality of the product and the output of the problem, there is a combination of the environment, energy consumption, maintenance and many other factors. Most of the mills on the market from the appearance of the material can meet the requirements of particle size, but the principle of pulverization, particle size, cost, energy consumption, operating difficulties and production environment will be very different. Customers want to choose a limestone mill to meet their production needs and price concessions, we have to consider the above factors on the price of the impact, I mainly introduce a few factors that have a greater impact on the price.

1, equipment performance: a superior performance of the powdering equipment not only has a high powdering efficiency, and in the subsequent operation of the probability of failure is also very low. At the same time, the better the performance of the equipment its production costs will rise, accompanied by the market price will become higher, the opposite equipment market price will become lower.

2, the production process: different manufacturers of different production technologies, machine tools are not the same, manufacturers of production equipment, technical sophistication also varies. The higher the precision of the equipment used in the production process of its manufacturers, it will lead to higher costs, the market price of the equipment will become higher, if the production equipment technology is backward, the corresponding market price will also decline.

3, equipment type: limestone mill on the market in a variety of types, and each type under the model is also a variety of customers to choose grinding equipment will take into account the situation of the production site, the hourly output is high, the power of the model equipment prices will be higher, its size will also become larger, the production cost is much higher than the small size of the equipment, the price will naturally become much higher.

According to different production needs, with the limestone grinding production program is also different, for the finished product size requirements are different, equipped with different equipment models will be different, so the factors that lead to the price of the mill has a variety of factors, according to the costing of different manufacturers, the development of the selling price is also different.

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