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Where to sell 2000 square meters per hour stone equipment?

zkj/ Release time : 2023-08-07

As a widely used construction material, sand and gravel aggregate is indispensable in the construction of water conservancy projects.The grading, hardness, grain size, particle size and proportion of sand and gravel aggregate will affect the quality of the project, so it is necessary to improve the quality of sand and gravel aggregate. The capacity of 2000 square meters per hour stone production line is high, and more attention should be paid to the selection of crushing equipment.

stone production line

stone production line

Liming Heavy Industry produces 2000 square meters per hour stone equipment with jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc. Our company is constantly optimizing the stone processing equipment, and the whole production line is more compact in configuration and structure. So Liming Heavy Industry stone equipment used in 2000 m2 per hour stone production line has a very high level of automation, configured with remote control device, saving labor costs, good granularity of the material, uniform particle size and other characteristics. Liming Heavy Industry 2000 m2/hour stone processing equipment can process many kinds of materials, limestone, basalt, granite, river pebbles, lapis lazuli, verdigris, etc., which help to provide better sand and gravel aggregates in the fields of construction, highway, railroad, water conservancy and so on.

Liming Heavy Industry has many kinds and models of stone processing equipment, and there are multiple programs to configure 2000 square meters per hour stone production line, which will combine your requirements for hourly output, inlet and outlet materials, power, site conditions and other requirements to configure an economical and efficient 2000 square meters per hour stone crushing production line for you!

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