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What are the parts included in the full set of powder making equipment, grinding production line?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-08-10

The whole set of ore crushing plant is a processing device to change the ore from big pieces to small pieces.What equipment is there in ore grinding production line? What is the process of crushing ore?

Ore refers to the naturally occurring rock minerals in nature, there are metal ores and non-metal ores. It is indispensable in economic life. Some minerals are even included in the strategic resources because of their scarce reserves and resources, but they have important roles, such as iron ore, fluorite, high purity quartz, lithium ore, natural graphite and so on.

Powder Production Line

Powder Production Line

After a mineral is mined, it becomes an industrial raw material. In this process, crushing the ore is an essential part. In this process, a whole set of crushing equipment plays an important role. So, what are the characteristics of this whole set of ore crushing equipment? Therefore, we must introduce the whole process of ore crushing, as well as its production method, all together. Now give you a brief description.

The first thing is the crushing process.

Because the ore dug out from the mountain, the head is very large, so the first thing to use the crusher to crush, and a crushing is not possible, usually 2-3 times to crush, so that you can be able to large pieces of ore crushed to the right size, 5 cm in diameter, 2-3 cm in diameter. The whole ore crushing equipment in this step is the crusher, commonly used cone crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher and so on.

The next step is to crush the ore.

The ore that is crushed into fine particles is sent to the mill, and after screening by the sorting machine, it is sent to the dust collection room, and then recycled by the dust collection room. Among the full set of mineral powder equipment, the commonly used ones are Raymond Mill, Vertical Mill, Ultrafine Mill, Ball Mill, Rod Mill and so on. The appropriate equipment is selected mainly based on the accuracy and capacity of the finished product. Other accessory devices are elevator, feeder, blower, pipeline, electric control cabinet, finished product silo and so on.

Of course, this is not a full set of grinding equipment, there are some other scattered parts, will not be introduced.

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