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How can you tell the good and bad of an ore mill?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-08

It is best to buy an ore mill to visit the production site in order to have a comprehensive understanding of its performance. So, how can you tell if a mill is good or not? During the site visit, the focus was on the particle size, hardness and water content of the grinding material, followed by the stability and again the compressive strength.

First, the impact of grinding materials on the performance of stone pulverizer

The material being ground is the material being crushed by the rock. The whole process from material feeding to material discharge greatly affects the effect of stone grinding mill. Its role is mainly:

1, the impact of material hardness on the grinding effect in stone powder grinding

As the ore contains a large number of inclusions, its Mohs hardness (1-10) is related to the type and content of inclusions in the ore, in general, the higher the hardness of the inclusions, the greater the difficulty of grinding, so the hardness of the raw material is very much related to the grinding efficiency and the life of the components. The wear resistance of the gravel crusher can be tested by the hardness of the material being ground.

2, the impact of material moisture content on the performance of the stone crusher

In the grinding process of the stone crusher, due to the high moisture content of the raw materials, it will make the newly added raw materials and fine powder adhesion, thus forming a mud cake on the grinding disk. During continuous feeding, the material layer on the grinding disk will become thicker and thicker, so that the grinding rollers can not efficiently crush and grind the raw materials. When the load is too large, the grinding device will vibrate or even stop, and the moisture content of various materials will have some effect on the smoothness of the internal operation of the mill.

Ore Mill

Ore Mill

Second, the condition of the ore mill work

The stone powder mill can realize the stable work of low dust and low noise under normal conditions and have a significant impact on its internal structure, which reduces the loss of grinding tools and energy consumption. And the grindability of raw materials, feed rate, system air flow, crushing pressure, classifier speed and so on will affect the working stability of the mill. Therefore, in order to reduce unnecessary production energy consumption, the operation of the mill must be monitored.

Third, the observation of the anti-squeeze performance of the ore mill

From the production practice, it can be seen that with the long-term operation of the stone mill, the output of the stone mill will be reduced to varying degrees, which is due to the wear and tear of the grinding wheels and discs caused by changes in the morphology of the abrasive particles inside the grinding machine and the abrasive particle pressure.

Therefore, when making a field visit, we need to have a general understanding of the service life of the wear-resistant components of the grinding equipment, because these components have a longer service life, and at the same time can also reduce energy consumption, thus reducing the project operating costs. By comparing the service life of different types of stone grinding mills, we can intuitively understand the operating cost of the project.

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