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Advantages of gangue crushing equipment

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-15

Coal gangue is solid waste discharged from coal mining and coal washing process, its carbon content is low, hardness than coal, for a kind of black and gray rock, in the gangue application, it must be crushed by crushing equipment to meet the needs of various fields or the processing needs of the next process, gangue material crushing is generally used in the gangue crushing equipment, which is mainly composed of frame, rotor, liner plate, hammer head and other parts and components. This equipment is mainly composed of frame, rotor, liner plate, hammer head and other components, is a new type of raw material crusher, with high production efficiency, good crushing effect, large capacity, wide range of applications.

In the working process of the gangue crushing equipment, driven by the dual motor, the rotor rotates at a very fast speed, driven by the hammer head, the gangue material is crushed by the impact of the crushing plate. With the acceleration of the rotor, the internal gangue will collide with each other and crush each other, thus realizing the purpose of hammer powder material, material powder material. Through the treatment of the gangue crushing equipment, large pieces of coal gangue can be turned into cinder particles with a particle size of less than 3 millimeters, and this size of coal gangue can meet the material needs of many fields.

Coal gangue crushing equipment

Coal gangue crushing equipment

Production capacity: 20-180 (t/h)

Feed size: ≤ 100-≤ 200mm | discharge size

Applicable materials: coal gangue, limestone, silica sandstone, shale, granite, etc.

The superiority of coal gangue crusher

1, large output: the equipment has a large output, less energy consumption, the same output, can save 40% of the power.

2、Less failure: when using the coal gangue crusher, there will be no coal blockage, no unloading of coal in rainy days, which will not affect the production.

3、High efficiency: This device uses several conveying pipes, which makes the material conveying smooth, large production capacity and high overall efficiency.

4、Low operation cost: It adopts special displacement adjustment gap technology, which can realize two-way rotation, reduce the wear and tear of hammer head and reduce the replacement.

5, wear-resistant and durable: the machine is made of composite material, which has good wear resistance and high service life.

6、Easy maintenance: the gangue mill is easy to maintain, not all disassembled, just open the inspection door to change the hammer head.

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