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Can the tailings be used twice? Comprehensive treatment process of tailings

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-06

Is it true that tailings and waste rock are abandoned and unusable? Thousands of years of mining has caused great damage to the earth's environment. In China's metal and non-metal mining industry, in the long-term mining production process, mines produce a large number of waste rock and tailings. These tailings and waste rocks have caused great harm to the ecology of mining areas, the surrounding atmosphere, groundwater and soil, and are in urgent need of resource utilization and green mine construction. So these tailings, waste rock is not a "useless" waste, but a "treasure" to be tapped.

The Development and Reform Commission announced an investment of 300 billion yuan to support the comprehensive utilization of waste rock and tailings, construction waste resource utilization and other industries. This means that the use of waste rock, tailings and other preparation of sand and gravel aggregate, the use of construction waste production of recycled aggregates, etc., will be supported by state funds. Policy support is a major opportunity for the development of enterprises, following the pace of national support for key industries, it is an important direction for the survival and development of enterprises.

How to make tailings, waste rock "waste to treasure"? There are many uses of mine waste rock and tailings, including production of sand and gravel aggregate, concrete fine aggregate, use of waste rock as railroad ballast, as a basic raw material for cement, cement mixing materials, cement correction raw materials, used in the production of various types of bricks, ponding with tailings, filling pits to restore fields, as raw materials for the production of silica bricks, for the production of calcium carbonate, used as raw materials for heavy calcium carbonate It is also used to recover valuable components from tailings, such as tailings re-election, etc.

Tailings crushing and sand making

Tailings crushing and sand making

Tailings processing, crushing, sand making, screening and sand washing of tailings to produce sand and gravel aggregate or concrete aggregate.

1. Crushing, first by the vibrating feeder to remove the unqualified materials, qualified materials will be sent to the jaw crusher for preliminary crushing, and then sent to the belt conveyor for secondary crushing in the cone crusher or impact crusher.

2. Sand making, the crushed tailings that meet the requirements of sand making will be sent to the sand making machine for crushing and shaping. The processed tailings sand can be used in sand aggregate and concrete aggregate.

3. Screening, tailings in the process of crushing and sand making, need to use vibrating screen to screen the material, the unqualified material will return, re-enter the crusher, sand making machine for processing.

With the decreasing mineral resources, river sand mining ban, sand industry consolidation, sand shortage and soaring prices. After the development of tailings resources to achieve reuse, solid waste resource utilization is particularly urgent, the comprehensive utilization of tailings become also become a measure of the country's level of science and technology and economic development of the symbol. Tailings can be used in many industries after processing, which may become a new opportunity.

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