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The process of grinding and processing bauxite, the use of bauxite after grinding

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-08

Bauxite, also known as bauxite, has both metallic and non-metallic applications. Bauxite is the best raw material for the production of metallic aluminum and is the most important application area, accounting for more than 90% of the world's total bauxite production. In the non-metallic side, the proportion of usage is small, but the use is also very wide. Therefore, the prospect of bauxite is very good.

Bauxite needs to be processed in order to be widely used, what is the processing process? How to choose the grinding machine equipment?

Processing process? The bauxite processing process is simple.

bauxite grinding machine

bauxite grinding machine

Firstly, the bauxite will be crushed into the crusher and crushed into the fineness of the material that can enter the mill; secondly, the crushed material will be fed into the mill, and the whole operation process of grinding and grading will be completed automatically in the mill, and the operator will pay close attention to the instrument data of the electric control cabinet; finally, the finished product will be collected and packaged in a uniform way with a powder loading tanker or automatic baler.

As we can see from the processing flow, crusher and mill are needed for processing, you can choose jaw crusher and Raymond mill, of course, there are also pendulum mill and ultra-fine vertical mill to choose. The processed bauxite can be prepared as silica-calcium agricultural fertilizer or used as cement additive depending on the fineness.

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