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Home > News > What are the differences between rotary and cone crusher, and which one is more suitable for small and medium-sized material yards?

What are the differences between rotary and cone crusher, and which one is more suitable for small and medium-sized material yards?

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-09

Those who know about gyratory crusher and cone crusher know that both of them are used for coarse crushing. So how should these two crushers be chosen? We first understand the difference between the two from many aspects, which crusher is better to choose and what are the production advantages?

What is the difference between gyratory crusher and cone crusher?

Gyratory Crusher

Gyratory Crusher

The shape of the crushing chamber: The two cones of a gyratory crusher are sharply inclined, with the moving cone orthogonal and the fixed cone being a truncated cone with inverted head (mainly to meet the requirements of feed size), and the material can be discharged vertically downward by its own weight.

Both cones of the cone crusher are slowly inclined orthogonal truncated cones, and in order to control the size of the discharged product, a parallel crushing zone is set up in the lower part of the crushing chamber, which leads to different shapes of the crushing chamber of both.

Cone suspension: The cone of the gyratory crusher is suspended from the crossbeam of the frame; the cone of the cone crusher is supported by spherical bearings.

Discharge opening adjustment method: The gyratory crusher uses the lifting and lowering of the moving cone to adjust the width of the discharge opening; the single-cylinder cone crusher uses a hydraulic cylinder placed at the center bottom of the base to push the main shaft and the moving cone up or down to increase or decrease the discharge opening.

Which one is better, rotary breaker or cone breaker? Above we have understood the difference between gyratory crusher and cone crusher, their principle is basically the same, but the gyratory crusher has a larger capacity, while the cone crusher is used in relatively small scale sand and gravel plants or construction sites. Gyratory crusher is used for coarse crushing, cone crusher is used for fine crushing, small and medium-sized sand and gravel plants are recommended to choose cone crusher, below we analyze the cone crusher.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher

Advantages of cone crusher:

1, wide range of application: while ensuring a long life cycle of the crusher, it also creates its ability to operate trouble-free even in extreme environments, easily attacking hard and corrosive rock and ore.

2、Low operating cost: The crusher keeps squeezing full feed and automatically compensates for liner wear during operation, which improves the operating efficiency of the equipment and reduces the unit production cost.

3、Multiple modes switch at will: The fully automatic control system provides users with various control modes such as manual control, automatic load, automatic discharge port and automatic double discharge port, etc., with high visualization, reducing users' operation difficulty.

4、Integration of hydraulic and lubrication station: hydraulic station and lubrication station are integrated design, saving installation space; the hydraulic system is designed in high pressure way to meet the common pressure demand, with high pressure margin when the equipment is running, improving the reliability of the hydraulic system.

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