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Lithium mica manufacturing lithium carbonate should use the most suitable grinding machine?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-03-10

With the progress of society, lithium resources mining has become a hot topic in the industry, of which lithium carbonate is an important raw material for new energy batteries, the state has now classified lithium new energy as one of the key support industries, so the lithium mica manufacturing process into lithium carbonate should choose that mill?

Lithium mica

Lithium mica

Lithium carbonate is a key product in the lithium industry, and has a wide range of applications in lithium metal products and the production of secondary lithium salts, the production process of lithium carbonate mainly contains crushing, grinding, beneficiation and other processes. Liming Heavy Industry recommends you to use the vertical mill in the grinding process, the vertical mill can meet the current lithium mica production of lithium carbonate production needs, while the raw material and clinker can be ground, the production of lithium carbonate is inseparable from the roasting of the ore, so the vertical mill uses high temperature resistant materials, and comes with a hot air system to reduce the high temperature material damage to the machine. Many customers are interested in the price of the vertical mill, without the mill model output differences are relatively large, the price is also different, the market wants to process lithium ore grinding equipment, you can choose Liming Heavy Vertical Mill, is currently very popular grinding equipment.

Liming Heavy Industry has more than thirty years of experience in the production of grinding machinery, production and sales of grinding mill types up to dozens of species, to meet the needs of a variety of industrial milling, and to provide a one-stop turnkey service, the perfect solution to the problem of after-sales, welcome to visit the field!

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