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Can crusher equipment work normally and stably under high temperature environment conditions

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-21

38 degrees high temperature, sitting there without moving are sweating, we can hide in the house blowing fan blowing air conditioning, our mining equipment in the high temperature still continue to work, they can not cool the summer, mechanical equipment will not be as hot as we strike, you give your crusher summer heat? And how to cool down the crusher?

High temperature weather, crusher can normal production?

1, in the high temperature environment, the crusher's own temperature will rise, prone to unpredictable abnormalities, such as sudden shutdown, sudden spindle breakage and other failures.

2, because of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, high temperature will make the crusher parts expand, resulting in more friction and deviation in the bite of each part, which will not only affect the production progress, but also make the temperature rise further.

3, high temperature on the mining equipment crushing machinery engine, hydraulic system, circuitry, etc. have certain hazards. Hydraulic system in the high temperature environment will often burst the tube, joint oil leakage, solenoid valve coil burned, hydraulic valve jamming, noise and other failures. The system using accumulator, due to the high temperature of hydraulic oil may lead to damage to the accumulator. In the summer aging circuit will be more likely to cause the outer skin to crack due to the thermal expansion and contraction of metal, resulting in short-circuit failure. Electrical components in the control cabinet are also prone to failure during the high temperature season, and key control components such as industrial control machines and PLCs may also die, run slowly, and control malfunction.

stone crushing and sand making production line

stone crushing and sand making production line

Cooling measures.

1. Reduce direct sunlight. In outdoor situations, if conditions allow, temporary awnings can be set up for the equipment. Slow down the aging rate of the equipment caused by direct sunlight. Some equipment is placed indoors. Be careful not to place them against walls or corners. Try to put them in a ventilated and dry place.

2. Speed up heat dissipation. In summer, everything is done to dissipate heat. Clean the oil and dust on the equipment regularly to ensure the normal heat dissipation function of the equipment. Special attention should be paid to electrical equipment. Part of the electrical energy is converted into heat when the motor is running. Cooling fans can be installed to speed up heat dissipation.

3. Pay attention to equipment maintenance. High temperature will accelerate the aging of all components, so regular maintenance can not be more sloppy. Replace the appropriate oil and lubricants; replace aging wires, pipes, screws, etc.; ensure that the cooling system is working properly, dust cover seals and other parts are normal.

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