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Home > News > Type of milling machine suitable for processing bentonite, and working principle of vertical milling machine

Type of milling machine suitable for processing bentonite, and working principle of vertical milling machine

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-10

Bentonite has water swelling, viscosity, adsorption, lubricity, catalytic activity, thixotropy, plasticity and cation exchange properties. According to the type, content and crystalline chemical properties of interlayer exchangeable cations contained in montmorillonite, bentonite can be divided into sodium base, calcium base, magnesium base and calcium sodium base bentonite.
Bentonite belongs to soft nonmetallic ore. If the raw ore particle is too large and the feed inlet of the mill is limited during grinding, it needs to be initially broken and then sent to the mill for processing to select the finished material with appropriate fineness.
Production process of bentonite powder:
1. Crushing: Bentonite has a Mohs hardness of 1-2, belongs to soft nonmetallic minerals, and is initially broken.
2. Drying: natural or heating drying can be used to remove moisture (moisture content ≤ 12% - 6%). In order to prevent the change of bentonite properties caused by the change of montmorillonite structure, the drying temperature should be lower than 250 ℃, and the time should not be too long.
3. Grinding: in order to meet the requirements of paper, plastic, rubber products and other industries on the fineness of bentonite. Bentonite grinding equipment can usually be grinded by European version mill, high-pressure trapezoidal mill, vertical mill and other equipment.
The application field of general bentonite requires the fineness of powder to be 200 meshes. The above several kinds of pulverizer equipment can meet the requirements. Each series of pulverizers has different models, which can be selected according to specific production needs. According to many customer examples, most projects that process bentonite use vertical mills.

Bentonite vertical mill

Bentonite vertical mill

The working process of processing bentonite with vertical mill:
The raw ore is sent to the storage hopper by a forklift, and a manual rod valve and a quantitative feeder are installed below the hopper. After the material is measured, it is sent to the vertical mill by the large-angle belt conveyor or elevator, and then sent to the vertical mill by the rotary air-lock feeder for grinding; The horizontal section of the inclined belt conveyor is equipped with a self-dumping iron remover for iron removal; Under the centrifugal force of the rotating grinding plate, the materials entering the mill move to the edge of the grinding plate and enter the grinding roller table. Under the action of the hydraulic device and transmission arm, the grinding roller exerts pressure on the materials in the roller table, making the materials subject to extrusion, shearing and grinding. High-speed airflow blows up, large particles fall into the bottom of the grinding plate, and fine particles are separated by the top part of the pulverizer. The qualified finished fine powder flows out of the mill with the gas, is collected by the gas box pulse bag filter as the finished product, and then is transported by air. The equipment shall be delivered to the finished product warehouse, and the bulk or packaging machine shall be installed under the warehouse for packaging and delivery; The materials returned from the mill are usually impurities, which are pulled away by the trolley for treatment. If the moisture content of raw materials is relatively high, hot air can be introduced to dry the materials. The hot air comes from boiling fluidized bed furnace or other heat sources.

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