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What are the types of raw materials for producing mechanism sand and the process flow of sand and gravel production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-02

Mechanism sand gradually replaces natural sand and becomes a major trend of future development, especially in recent years, the rapid development of mechanism sand industry, sand production lines around the world are increasing day by day, the booming development of mechanism sand industry, so that mechanism sand also slowly entered the eyes of some investors. The finished product of mechanism sand has high cleanliness and good quality, which fully meets the standard of sand in many fields, but there are so many raw materials for mechanism sand, can any stone be made into mechanism sand? What are the better raw materials for making mechanism sand? What equipment is used in the construction of mechanism sand production line?

There are indeed many stones that can be used as raw materials for mechanism sand, such as cobblestone, bluestone, granite, basalt, limestone, river pebbles, etc. can be crushed as raw materials for mechanism sand, and even some construction waste, industrial slag, solid waste and slag can be processed and made into mechanism sand raw materials to meet the demand for sand. If you want to do mechanism sand, it is recommended or choose cobblestone, river pebbles, bluestone, granite such as high hardness, stable nature of the stone, this type of mechanism sand raw materials can be made out of high-quality mechanism sand finished products.

Sand and gravel production line

Sand and gravel production line

The shortage of sand and gravel resources, the price of mechanism sand continues to rise, the mechanism sand industry has a bright future, but not all stones can be used to make sand, weathered rock, mud sand, soft rock, sea sand can not be used to do mechanism sand raw materials, even if made into mechanism sand, but also does not meet the construction sand standards, if used in the construction field, there will be great safety risks, affecting the solidity of concrete. So the newly revised construction sand standard is especially marked that the mechanism sand refers to the rock particles which are mechanically crushed and sieved after soil removal treatment, and its particle size does not exceed 4.75 mm, except for soft or weathered rock particles. So avoid using weathered rock or soft rock as raw material of mechanism sand.

The general process of processing mechanism sand is to build a mechanism sand production line, the main equipment consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, the mechanism sand raw materials into the silo, run the equipment, the production line can run independently, do not need too much manpower to manipulate or transport materials, only need to supervise and check the operation of equipment. If there is a requirement for environmental protection, it can also be equipped with dust collector and spraying device to prevent the problem of environmental protection not meeting the standard caused by dust pollution.

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