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Measures and methods to prevent the wear of mill components

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-15

The phenomenon of wear and tear in grinding mills exists and cannot be avoided, but this wear and tear is normal wear and tear. For the problem of grinding roller wear, we must pay enough attention to prevent problems with the grinding roller bearings, so as to ensure the stable operation of the whole system. So how to effectively prevent the grinding mill grinding roller wear and solve the problem? Next, I will explain in detail:

Grinding roller assembly should not be too tight, and not too loose.

Before installing the bearings, be sure to check whether the quality is satisfactory, good quality bearings, conducive to the smooth operation of the vertical mill. Installation should not be too tight and too loose, too tight, it will lead to faster wear, and will reduce the gap between the raceway, resulting in higher temperatures, making the bearing directly scrap soon after use, greatly reducing the service life of the bearing; at the same time, when the bearing is damaged, too tight will also lead to its difficult to remove from the grinding rollers, bringing further difficulties for the vertical mill work.

If it is too loose, it will cause the gap between the grinding path to increase, and the grinding rollers and bearings cannot be closely connected to each other. When the grinding rollers rotate, the phenomenon of galling often occurs, and the two bite each other, and the bearings cannot be removed from the grinding rollers again, which is likely to damage the grinding rollers.

Adopt the correct assembly method.

When assembling, you should first test and check the size of the bearing to ensure that it is completely correct before preparing for the next step; then you should carry out certain protective treatment to ensure that no dust, water and other pollutants will enter.

During the assembly process, always pay attention to the time and temperature, different grinding rollers require different time and temperature, the heating of the oxidized cortex, must be cleaned up, at this time the staff must wear special gloves for operation, to prevent accidents such as burns.

After the assembly is completed, it should also continue to test to prevent the gap between the inner bearing and the outer diameter from increasing, which will have a serious impact on the grinding rollers.

The amount of lubricant should be sufficient and the category should be good.

Lubricating oil category is good and cost-effective to achieve certain benefits, it is best to use industrial oil with high viscosity and good stability, and at the same time to reduce the temperature of the bearing, adjust to the appropriate temperature and increase the oil pressure, and to ensure bearing lubrication.

At the same time, the amount of oil should be reasonable to reduce the friction between the grinding rollers and bearings to prevent damage to the bearings, which will affect the operation of the machine and reduce its service life.

Ensure the sealing of the grinding rollers.

The sealing of the grinding rollers will likewise have a great impact on the bearings. Be sure to use special rotating oil for sealing, which not only lubricates, but also prevents dust, water stains and wind dust from entering it and plays a good sealing role.

If the sealing effect is poor, the gas will enter the sealing area from it, and then enter the bearing area, making the bearing produce unnecessary damage, the lubrication effect will also be reduced, and even lead to the phenomenon of shedding of the raceway surface.

Only by ensuring good sealing of the grinding roller can we improve the usage rate of its bearing, prolong its life, ensure the good working environment of the bearing and the track is not corroded by any pollutant, thus reducing the maintenance times of the grinding roller and ensuring the normal work.

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