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What kinds of coal mills are there? How to choose a coal mill?

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-21

The main function of the coal mill is to crush and grind the coal into pulverized coal, which is an important auxiliary equipment for the pulverized coal furnace.

Coal is ground into pulverized coal in a coal mill in three main ways: crushing, smashing and grinding. All kinds of coal mills have both two or three ways in the pulverizing process, but which way is mainly used depends on the type of coal mill.

Coal mills can be divided into three types according to the speed: low-speed coal mills, medium-speed coal mills and high-speed coal mills. Each of the three types of coal mills has its own strengths, and customers can choose the coal mill suitable for production according to their actual needs.

I. Low-speed coal mill

Low-speed grinding mill

Low-speed grinding mill

Low-speed coal mill is mainly a drum type steel ball mill, which is a rotating cylindrical or conical drum with steel balls inside, and is a kind of storage type steel ball mill.
The low-speed coal mill has a wide range of adaptation to coal types and reliable operation, especially suitable for grinding hard anthracite coal.
The double-inlet and double-outlet steel ball coal mill has the disadvantages of high emission of direct blowing type pulverizing system, large machine as a whole, high electricity consumption, high noise and expensive construction cost.

II. Medium-speed coal mill

Medium speed grinding mill

Medium speed grinding mill

Medium-speed coal mill is a coal mill with working speed of 50~300r/min, which belongs to the professional equipment for coal to oil and coal powder processing. There are more kinds of coal mills than low-speed coal mills, and the common ones are flat disc mill, bowl mill, E-type mill and roller mill.
Medium-speed coal mills are suitable for grinding bituminous coal and poor coal and other medium hardness materials for powder grinding operations, and can be widely used in the pulverizing system of electric power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.

Medium-speed coal mill has the advantages of compact structure, low metal consumption, small floor space, low initial investment and low power consumption during operation, especially the unit coal grinding power consumption does not increase much at low load, the noise is small and the uniformity of coal powder is very good.

III. High-speed coal mill

High-speed grinding machine

High-speed grinding machine

High-speed coal mill usually has a speed of 500-1500 revolutions per minute and is mainly composed of a high-speed rotor and a grinding shell. The common ones are fan mill and hammer mill.

High-speed coal mill has two functions of fan and coal mill. The raw coal is crushed into coal powder by the impact and friction of impact plate and worm shell, and then blown to the furnace by the fan.

High speed coal mill and coal powder separator can form a whole unit with simple and compact structure and low initial investment, especially suitable for grinding high moisture lignite and bituminous coal with high volatile matter and easy to grind.

Customers can choose according to their needs, don't just pursue fast, or pursue saving money. According to their actual situation, they should choose the right product for their material.

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