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Which mill is better for processing ferrochrome slag, performance characteristics of ferrochrome slag mill

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-19

Chromite is a shortage of ore, the reserves are small, the production is low, iron ore waste slag is more pollution of the environment, but chromite ore waste slag through grinding and processing after the utilization value is very high. After chromite ore slag grinding, not only can solve the environmental pollution problem of slag, but also can recycle industrial solid waste, generating high returns and high profits. So, which mill for chromite slag processing is good, and what are the advantages of the application in chromite processing?

In the processing and utilization of slag, it is necessary to use the mill, and the slag will be processed into powder through the mill before it can be valuable and also easy to transport and store.

Vertical mill produces slag with superior performance. After slag vertical mill grinding slag, furnace slag and water slag can reach 80 mesh-425 mesh, which is a good quality raw material for cement and concrete production.

What are the advantages of vertical slag mill in chromite processing

ferrochrome slag grinding mill

ferrochrome slag grinding mill

1、Low investment cost: it integrates crushing, grinding, drying, powder selection and conveying, with compact layout and open-air arrangement, and low investment cost.

2, high grinding efficiency, good product quality: special grinding roller and grinding disc structure design, and the grinding roller adopts hydraulic automatic pressure device, large grinding area, high grinding efficiency, high output.

3、Reliable quality and stable operation: The transmission system adopts advanced planetary gear reducer, with strong bearing capacity and stable operation; the grinding rollers and grinding discs are not in direct contact, with little vibration and low noise; with automatic slag discharge function to ensure safe operation of the equipment.

4、Large drying capacity: hot air can be used to transport materials, and the inlet air temperature can be controlled according to the moisture content of materials, drying materials with moisture up to 15% in the mill, and the moisture <1% in the mill.

5, high degree of automation: the use of fully automatic control system, can realize the control of remote control, easy to operate.

6、Convenient maintenance and low operating cost: the grinding roller bearing adopts forced thin oil lubrication and is equipped with hydraulic roller turning device, which can be used to turn the grinding roller out of the machine during maintenance, with large maintenance space, convenient maintenance and low operating cost.

Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. developed a large slag vertical mill model complete, processing slag effect is very good, Liming Heavy Industry slag vertical mill is to solve the current stage of low output, energy consumption and other technical problems, after years of design and improvement of large-scale grinding equipment.

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