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How to turn iron ore slag into a renewable resource,iron ore slag grinding mill model

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-19

The slag discharged from the blast furnace during the smelting of pig iron is actually blast furnace slag, referred to as slag. This slag has a certain degree of air pollution, easy to cause respiratory diseases, but slag can be processed using a variety of processes into valuable materials with a variety of uses, today's text to talk about how to deal with slag can be turned into a treasure.

What are the uses of slag after turning waste into treasure:

After slag is ground into powder, mixed in cement and added in commercial concrete, it can be directly mixed into cement in a certain proportion, which can improve the workability of concrete, reduce the heat of hydration of concrete, improve the strength of concrete and enhance the durability of concrete.

Slag Vertical Mill helps turn slag into treasure:

The equipment used to process slag includes LM vertical mill with its own drying function, adjustable powder fineness and compact layout.

iron ore slag grinding mill

iron ore slag grinding mill

Slag micro powder preparation process: slag and other raw materials are transported into the plant by loading trucks and sent to the slag pile shed for storage by unloading hopper and belt conveyor. The stacked slag is taken by forklift and sent to the receiving hopper, and then sent to the elevator through the quantitative feeding equipment and frequency conversion belt conveyor. During the conveying process, the slag raw materials are successively de-ironed and sieved through the iron remover and vibrating screen, and then sent to the LM slag vertical mill for grinding through the screw conveyor and other wind-locked feeding equipment, and the ground slag powder is selected and dried at the same time through the powder separator with the hot air provided by the hot air furnace. The slag powder which meets the fineness requirement is collected through the dust collector, and then goes into the finished product storage through the air conveying inclined chute and elevator.

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