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Types and models of grinding mills for processing activated carbon introduction

zkj/ Release time : 2023-07-11

Activated carbon is a widely used carbon material, black lump or granular, the main component is carbon, and contains a small amount of sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen and other elements. It is generally used as desulfurization, denitrification and decolorization agent in industry, as well as water purification agent and air purification in life. Activated carbon is generally made from coal and other raw materials through the milling process, so the mill is an indispensable equipment for the production of activated carbon. So which kind of mill is used for processing activated carbon? Processing of finished products can be ground how fine?What are the functions of activated carbon after grinding?

Activated carbon because of the developed pore structure, large specific surface area, smooth surface characteristics, so ordinary milling equipment is not suitable for crushing activated carbon, even if the use of traditional Raymond mill processing, the yield of activated carbon is also relatively low, and particularly easy to damage the Raymond mill rollers, activated carbon is particularly light, once into the grinding roller assembly there, will make the lubricating oil grease hard, bearing wear and heating can not work properly! Once it enters the grinding roller assembly there, it will make the lubricant grease harden and the bearing wear and heat and not work normally. So the activated carbon mill should be carefully selected, if you are not careful to choose the wrong one, it is likely that the output is not high, and the equipment is always out of order.

Grinding Mill Manufacturer

Grinding Mill Manufacturer

It is recommended to use Liming Heavy Industry's European version of the mill or super pressure trapezium mill, the fineness of the grinding of activated carbon generally ranges from 0-325 mesh. And these two equipments have been upgraded by Liming Heavy Industry Company, the European version mill adopts internal thin oil lubrication system to improve the service life of the main bearing system. Unique air self-circulation system, less dust emission, the production line can be equipped with pulse dust collector, high dust removal efficiency, basically can realize dust-free operation; Super Pressure Trapezium Mill is an energy-saving high-fine pulverizing equipment, through the balance of pressurized springs, the grinding roller assembly through the tie rod and the horizontally placed springs are linked together, the radial force generated by it avoids the wear of the spindle and bearings after the large pieces of material enter the grinding chamber, and improves the equipment The service life of the equipment is improved. The finest particle size of the finished product of Liming Heavy Industry's Super Pressure Trapezium Mill can be up to 0.038mm, which can satisfy the customer's requirement for the fineness of the finished product as much as possible.

Activated carbon processed by the mill has many applications in life, used in the petrochemical industry, electric power industry, water treatment industry, food industry, environmental protection industry, chemical industry, as well as household; for example, in the environmental protection industry, activated carbon can be used for wastewater treatment, waste gas and harmful gas treatment, gas purification; in the household, we commonly use activated carbon adsorption to remove formaldehyde and other indoor pollution, both safe and effective, the use of more. The use of more.

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